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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to common questions. In case you need more information/explanation or answer to any specific question - please feel free to contact

Getting Started
What Is EzyDistribution ?

Ezydistribution is a source of verified distribution opportunities. Companies looking for distribution partners are listed here with product and distribution related information. Any distribution partner can contact these companies and offer to work with.

What Is The Source Of This Information ?

Brands / Manufacturers who have registerted at vanik.com and shared their requirements.

How Do I Contact Brands ?

There are multiple ways of contacting brands. You can click on Contact Us link and send your offer. Please ensure, you have shared enough information about your background, experience, wholesaler retailer reach, distribution infrastructure, investment capacity etc.

Will Brands / Manufacturers Respond To My Message ?

If you share detail information about your company and capabilities - therte's no reason why they should not respond. After all, they have listed their companies here for contacting distribution partners. However, they are unlikely to respond to messages with sketchy details. You must convey the message that you are capable of becoming a distribution partner.

Listing Options
How Can I List My Company Here

If you are a manufacturer / brand, looking for distributors, superstockists and wish to list your company here - please visit Vanik.com and register.

How Much Does It Cost ?

Listing here is free for registered brands / manufacturer members of Vanik.com, who have created distribution catalogs.

Distribution Questions
What Does A Distributor Do ?

A distributor fulfills 2 major tasks for manufacturers / brands. 1) He/She should act as an aggregator for given market. Company will deliver goods to distributor's doorstep. Distributor, in turn should supply or distribute the same to retailers and wholesalers in adjoining market. Secondly, distributor must ensure smooth cash flow to brands / manufacturers. For this, distributor should have some cash reserve to offer credit to retailers in a longer cycle than the manufacturer extends to him/her.

How Can I Become A Distributor ?

The first and foremost requirement of a distributor is the ability to distribute/sell. For this, he/she must have very good connection with retailers in adjoining markets. If you are interested, please read this article How To Start Distribution Business With Limited Capital

Is There Distribution Opportunity In My Area ?

Every market has distribution opportunity. Brands are constantly looking for new markets. They do not know you. You need to contact them, establish your credentials, offer your services. Ezydistribution online platform helps you discovering and connecting with brands at zero cost.

Usage Guides
How To Ensure Good Response From Brands

For prompt and knowledgeable response - please create an attractive distribution profile and share it with brands whenever you are contacting them. What makes a distribution profile attractive ? When the profile offers key information a brand would be looking for. Want to see examples of good distribution profiles ? FMCG Distributor From Agra

Can You Please Help Me Creating Good Distribution Profile ? Is There More Ways To Reach Brands And Manufacturers For Distribution Opportunities

Yes, please register free at vanik.com using above link. Team at vanik.com will help you.

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